Mrs. Wullaya Wattanarat, Deputy Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), revealed that, amid the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) coupled with economic slowdown, almost half of the visitors and Thai customers at the Chatuchak Weekend Market had significantly decreased and more than ten thousand vendors at the Market were affected. Consequently, Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, assigned the executive board of
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Market Office to draw up measures for business operation promotion and support of vendors in the Chatuchak Weekend Market to help the vendors who affected from the above-mentioned situations. Thus, the executive board of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Market Office has defined measures to promote business operations in the Chatuchak Weekend Market as follows:

1st Measure: Vendors are allowed to operate business on weekdays and the business hour is also extended so that they can sell goods at nighttime. In the past, the market contract allowed to operate stalls only on Saturdays and Sundays. The executive board determined to improve and amend the contract so that the vendors can operate their stalls during weekdays, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, until 18.00 hrs., without making any additional requests. As for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, vendors can operate their stalls until 22.00 hrs., except for Mondays which is the day for cleaning of areas and stalls as well as for dredging of drainage ditches.

2nd Measure: The people must have convenient access to all stalls and plaza for sales promotion event must be organized. At present, the Chatuchak Weekend Market have removed all encroaching buildings and stalls over drainage ditches in the market so that customers have walkways for convenience in doing the shopping. Walkways along the fence inside the market will be constructed and walkways connecting alleys in each zone will be improved to get rid of any obstacles during shopping. It is expected to be finished in mid-April 2021.

However, the executive board had an opinion that, for the benefit of all stall vendors, more measures for trade promotion and support must be in place by regularly organizing various activities at the area of clock tower, such as cactus and succulent plants festival or gift festival, in order to attract more people to visit and do the shopping at stalls located in the inner part of the market.

In addition, vendors of more than ten thousand in the Chatuchak Weekend Market were given an opportunity to take part in market development and finding solutions for market problems. As all stalls were divided into 31 zones, each zone can select one representative to give opinions on business operation and rules and regulations of the market, especially on the issues that still have disagreement or different opinions, such as consideration to allow parking of vehicles in the Chatuchak Weekend Market and measures that will be imposed on vendors who do not operate their stalls for a long period of time.


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