Mr. Khachit Chatcahwanit, Deputy Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), participated in the campaigning activity of the 14th World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) for the year 2021. The BMA organized this activity together with relevant organizations according to the United Nations’ policy announced in 2007 that all nations across the world decided to launch campaigns and activities for children and persons with autism annually on April 2. It aims that the world society and leaders of global community adopt the Sustainable Development Goals as the goals for sustainable national development under the concept of “no one is left behind”. This year is the 14th year that the United Nations has organized the World Autism Awareness Day observance campaigns and activities. For Thailand, this is the 13th year that the Parent Association of Autistic Persons (Thai), Autistic Thai Foundation, and the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities have organized the campaigns and activities.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary for the BMA said that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration was a special local administrative organization with a mission to ensure and improve good quality of life of people in all target groups according to the BMA’s policy focusing on developing Bangkok as a “Metropolitan City of Opportunity for All”. The BMA had placed importance on its mission concerning the promotion and development of persons with disabilities’ quality of life. Thus, policies on the promotion and development of persons with disabilities’ quality of life were determined in various dimensions as follows:

  1. Emphasize on providing all persons with disabilities with equal access to public services by improving infrastructure and public utilities with the universal design so that persons with disabilities and the general public can use live their lives conveniently and independently; 2. Promote and support the employment of persons with disabilities in the BMA organizations of at least 2 persons in each organization. Moreover, the Governor of Bangkok also has the policy that all 437 BMA affiliated schools hire persons with disabilities as General Affairs Personnel, at least 1 person in each school; 3. Focus on the integration of works in cooperation with other organizations for the persons with disabilities and all related sectors in order to propel the works in providing assistance to persons with disabilities and the caretakers or guardians so that they can have equal opportunity and access to more services of the BMA with the utmost benefits of the people with disabilities; 4. Promote the persons with disabilities to show their talents and skills in various aspects; 5. Promote and encourage self-employment to increase the levels of well-being and employment of people with disabilities. All 10 BMA vocational training schools will work on development of dual curriculum on vocational teaching and learning in each career path and readiness management in promoting occupation into career and employment opportunities with the cooperation between the BMA and other relevant organizations; 6. Promote education by providing special education (mainstreaming) for students with Special Educational Needs who are at the stipulated age for compulsory education in the BMA affiliated schools; and 7 Promote the provision of healthcare services for children and persons with disabilities at all 9 BMA affiliated hospitals by establishing clinic for development and rehabilitation of children with disabilities.


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