Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, chaired the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Executive Meeting, No 6/2021.

At the meeting, the BMA Drainage and Sewerage Department reported the preparedness in flood prevention and integrated solutions for flood problem. The BMA had been prepared for the flood before entering rainy season by making action plan for flood prevention, action plan for canal and moat dredging, drainage pipes and gutters dredging, maintenance of machinery and engine system, as well as, coordination with other relevant organizations to prepare for the coming rainy season.

The BMA Drainage and Sewerage Department and all 50 districts have made its drainage system ready for use by inspecting capacity and efficiency of all drain tunnels, pumping stations, and pumping wells to be ready for service; decreasing water level in canals to be at the low level; and surveying and installing temporary pumps in flood-risk areas and flood alert areas. In terms of the cleaning of drain pipes, canals and moats have been dredged regularly for fast and effective drainage. Moreover, alternate pumps are provided in case of emergency. BEST team with officers with tools and equipment are also ready so that the team can immediately access to the areas for 24 hours.

In this regard, the public can follow the weather forecasts and announcements from the Thai Meteorological Department as well as detect and check rain clusters using the BMA weather radar. The public can see advance notifications on weather condition and rain situation in Bangkok Metropolitan area at website: http://dds.bangkok.go.th/, Facebook: @BKK_BEST, Twitter: @BKK_BEST, and BMA Connect application for 24 hours.


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