Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, talked about the aid and remedy provided to families of voluntary fire rescue workers who were killed and injured while responding to the fire incident and burned building collapses at the Krisda Nakhon 31 housing estate, Thawi Watthana District. The Governor said that the injured fire rescue volunteers and legal heirs of the fire rescue volunteers who were killed in this fire incident could receive aids according to the Act on Aids for People Affected from Providing Assistance to Government Services, Performing of National Duties or Implementation of Humanitarian Actions, B.E. 2543 (2001).

The legal heirs of volunteers who die in service will receive the compensation of 450,000 Baht and funeral expense of 45,000 Baht. The volunteers who were harmed and injured with the loss of organs and disabilities will receive the compensation at the maximum of 450,000 Baht per person or monthly living expense of 7,500 Baht. At the same time, representative of the house owner was contacted to inform about the safety implementation for demolition and removal of the charred and collapsed building as prescribed by law under the supervision of the qualified engineer to prevent any accidents or harms that may occurred to the general public and the people living in the neighboring areas. This includes supports for repair works at the parts of the building that were destroyed after the demolition and removal of the burned building.

The Governor of Bangkok added that he also urged all district offices to inspect the construction and modification of buildings in their responsible areas as well as to constantly publicize information on fire prevention, preparedness and response in houses and buildings. Concurrently, the BMA Fire and Rescue Department were assigned to conclude the situation and come up with lesson learned for preparedness in fire prevention and reduction of impacts from fires and other disasters which may happen again in the area of Bangkok Metropolis. He also directed the BMA Fire and Rescue Stations to frequently launch campaigns and public relations on fire prevention and suppression, especially in summer in which the statistics on fires is rising because of hot and dry weather and strong wind. All these aim at strengthening public safety and security and reduce the loss of lives as well as public and private properties.


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