Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), talked about the campaign to clean community areas and public places in Bangkok Metropolis to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The BMA had washed and cleaned public places, road surfaces, pedestrian walkways, footbridges and overpasses, bus stops, bus shelters, frequently touched surfaces, as well as government offices and important places according to the cleaning plan to continuously prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Moreover, the BMA also imposes stringent COVID-19 control and prevention measures in public parks and strongly advises all service users at the public park to strictly comply with the anti-COVID-19 personal protection measures (D-M-H-T-T-A) by applying physical distancing, wearing surgical or fabric face mask, washing hands with alcohol, checking body temperature, and scanning ThaiChana application. This includes the cleaning of public parks both before and after providing service; frequent cleaning of high-touch areas at regular intervals throughout the day; and cleaning of toilets every hour. Regarding 4 public toilets under the responsibility of the BMA located at Bang Lamphu area, in front of Dusitaram Worawihan Temple, Daowadueng Temple area, and Bo Be area, the BMA had urged officers working at each public toilet to increase the cleaning frequency the toilets focusing on high-touch surfaces such as door, door bolt and handle, door knob, toilet lid, flushing lever, a hand-held bidet, and faucet with cleaning solutions.

At the same time, the BMA also organizes Big Cleaning Activity at offices of BMA organizations and BMA affiliated hospitals by spraying disinfectants to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at high-touch surfaces such as escalator handrail, evaluator buttons, wheelchairs, toilets, chairs, etc. in order to continue active surveillance and create confidence among the people who come to use the service.


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