Canals in Bangkok are important for the drainage to solve the flood problem and transportation. Urbanization affects these canals to contain garbage and household sewage which results in inconvenient water flow which is impact on the environment and people living along the canal. Therefore, we need to developed and cleaned them regularly.

Bangkok metropolitan administration (BMA) has been solving problems and improve water quality in canals by treating wastewater as well as organize volunteer activities to develop canals by garbage collection, weed removal and improving the surrounding environment. To develop a beautiful and orderly canal open waterway.

The activities are organized in many areas such as Khlong Bang Phai, Bang Khae District, Khlong Sao Hin District, Yan Nawa District, Khlong Saen Saep District, Minburi District, Khlong Lat Phrao District, Chatuchak District, etc., and continue to accelerate the development of other canals throughout Bangkok.

In order to solve the problem of wastewater sustainably, BMA cooperates with various organizations to restoration development plan, as well as improve the environment surrounding the canal in Bangkok and invite people to participate in activities with the government to improve the environment around the canal. And enhance knowledge and understanding in the maintenance of clean canals.

However, BMA asks for cooperation among people to help maintain cleanliness and condition of the canal. As well as improving the landscape and the water quality of the canals.


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