Mr. Chawin Sirinak, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), revealed that, as Thailand is now in rainy season, heavy rains in various areas have resulted in higher moisture in the air or humidity. It becomes enabling factors that influence the spread of communicable diseases, for example, communicable respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal tract infectious diseases and those caused by water or water-borne diseases, diseases transmitted by mosquitos and other animals, infectious skin diseases, hazards from poisonous and venomous animals such as snakes, centipedes, and scorpions, and hazards from drowning and electric shock.

The BMA requests the general public to take care of and maintain their health to prevent diseases that come with the rainy season. It can be done by keeping the body warm or maintaining normal body temperature; eating clean and freshly-cooked food that kept away from flies swarming around or landing on the food or reheating the food before eating; always drinking clean water and utensils and containers for food and beverage must be clean; washing hands with soap and water before cooking, eating, and using hands to pick food; defecating in toilets with proper sanitation and always washing hands with soap after defecating; avoiding close contact or mingling with patients with infectious respiratory diseases; maintaining good sanitation and hygiene of the premises as well as tools and equipment to always be clean; and always washing hands and feet after walking in areas with contaminated standing water or mud.

Moreover, the public are advised to protect themselves by preventing mosquito bites. If feeling sick or unwell, please go see the doctor. Everyone should beware of accidents from sharp objects and hazards from poisonous and venomous animals. Touching or using electric appliances at home and surrounding areas during flood must be avoided, especially when the body is wet or standing in the water.


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