“Saen Saep Canal” is an important canal for waterway transportation with the length of approximately 72 kilometers. About 45.5 kilometers of the 72km canal are in Bangkok Metropolitan area, covering 21 districts. The canal has historical values and is a way of life of people in communities along the canal. Therefore, the Royal Thai Government and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have a policy to improve landscape and restore environment of “Saen Saep Canal” by launching campaign for public participation under #FacingTheCanal Project. It aims to rehabilitate Saen Saep Canal at various phases within 5 years (2020 – 2024). Development will be emphasized on four aspects, namely 1. Development of wastewater treatment system, 2. Cleaning and reorganizing of areas on both sides of the canal; 3. Landscape and basic infrastructure improvement; and 4. Encouraging public participation to jointly develop landscape and canal-side communities.

The main goal during the first phase is to develop wastewater treatment system and aquatic safety system to make Saen Saep Canal a model canal. It will be used for leading a publicity campaign and raising awareness among people and operators of business establishments located along Saen Saep Canal and its branches to jointly conserve landscapes on both sides of the canal to be clean and beautiful and to stop disposing or discharging waste or sewage into moats and canals as well as public water bodies. All these aim to sustainably create good landscape and healthy environment of Saen Saep Canal under #FacingTheCanal Project for raising awareness and understanding of current situations of canals and creating cooperation for canal rehabilitation.

After completing the canal development and rehabilitation, the key to make clean, clear, and beautiful canals last forever is that everyone must not dispose wastes into canals. Thus, the BMA requests for kind cooperation from the public in conserving and maintaining Saen Saep Canal to sustainably last forever.


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