Currently, Bangkok has approximately 7.29 m2 of green space per person. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) standard, every city is recommended to have urban green space at the rate of 9 m2 per person. Therefore, the BMA has continuously developed and moved forward the increasing of green areas in Bangkok with a goal to create up to 10 m2 of green spaces per person by 2030 with cooperation from all sectors under the project called “Green Bangkok 2030”. Surveys have been carried out to examine vacant, abandoned and unused lands to be developed into gardens, public parks and forest parks to increase green spaces and create city lungs for urban people. 

In addition, the BMA has invited people, government agencies, and owners of companies, shops and stores to plant trees in vacant areas or in government offices as well. If having few spaces, the owners can change to a garden on a high-rise building or a vertical garden. This will create the feeling of nature that permeates in urban environments. Moreover, the BMA has continually provided various types of plants and trees for people to plant in empty spaces or private places. 

Starting to plant at least one tree per person is not only beneficial for increasing green space, but will also help create a good environment. As the trees can absorb heat, dust, and air pollution, it will bring about good health and good quality of life for urban people as well. #Let’s create a good environment, starting with ourselves. 


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