During the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, higher number of infections among family members has been found. When parents are infected with COVID-19, their children may also be infected. In the case where children are infected with COVID-19 but their parents have tested negative, it is necessary to separate children for medical treatment. This aims at alleviating and solving the problem as well as reducing the chance to spread infection to other household members.  

            Consequently, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has set up community isolation for children in the compound of Kiak Kai Happy Center in Dusit District to be a place for taking care of pediatric patients aged 3 – 14 years who need special care. Children were separated from their families for temporary isolation while waiting to be transferred to hospital. It can reduce the chance to spread the illness to other people.

          The BMA has modified the 3rd floor of the Kiak Kai Happy Center to be a community isolation with area being arranged proportionally. This place can accommodate 52 beds for pediatric patients: 26 for male patients and 26 for female patients. Moreover, activities and toys for children of different ages are provided so that children can be relaxed while they need to stay away from their parents. This also relieves anxiety of parents in taking care of their children and minimizes children stress from being isolated and separated from their parents. Medical team from Vajira Hospital is responsible for the management of these pediatric patients. Moreover, there are volunteers, childcare staff, and volunteer teachers to pay close attention for 24 hours. If children develop severe symptoms, they can be sent to hospital immediately.


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