What’s new?

  • Precise Route Information
    A display with real-time bus information such as bus stop name, bus numbers passing through this stop, the destination, and time when the following transport will arrive
  • Stay Safe With CCTV 
    Smart Bus Shelter establishes safety with the help of a surveillance camera. The CCTV system connects to CCTV Management Center of BMA and police stations to provide safety for passengers.
  • Mobile Phone Rechargeable
    Provided mobile phone port chargers are available for passengers. To recharge your mobile phone, open the socket at the Smart Bus Shelter
  • Bright Lighting Shelter
    Secure the whole bus shelter with bright lighting
  • Enjoy Free Wi-Fi

Passengers can get access to fast, free Wi-Fi instantly by registration and logging in.

  • Information Update On LED Display Screen
    Passengers can get BMA news and information on a 55” LED screen.


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