On 15th July 2020, Mr. Nirunde Praditkul, Chairman of Bangkok Metropolitan Council, chaired the sitting of Bangkok Metropolitan Council (BMC). Today, the meeting considers the draft of BMA Ordinance on Supplementary Appropriations of Fiscal Year 2020 (No. …), B.E. … This budget will be utilized by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to find solutions for the people’s problems in various aspects such as public works and traffic system, education, drainage, sewerage and flooding, public health, and safety in life and property. Budget utilization will be in the form of program and project implementation under the responsibility of the BMA’s 10 departments and 14 district offices, totaling 2,570,061,601 Baht.

At any rate, the BMC made several observations on the BMA budget, for example, in terms of public works. When the road construction or improvement project is completed, measures should be in place to strictly prohibit overloaded trucks or vehicles from using the road as it caused extensive damage to the road surface and the BMA must use substantial amount of budget for the repair works.  With regard to medical services, the procurement of medical supplies should not only consider the lowest price but also take into consideration the quality and optimal use of the medical supplies. Regarding environment, the development of service charge management system should emphasize on the use of technology, applications, and various communication channels in place of human resources in invoicing or collecting service charge. This will help to reduce the problem of leakage and shortage of manpower.


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