On 22nd July 2020, Mr. Nirunde Praditkul, Chairman of Bangkok Metropolitan Council, revealed that Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) proposed the draft of BMA Ordinance on Appropriations of Fiscal Year 2021 to the Bangkok Metropolitan Council (BMC) for consideration.  The budget is worth   75,500 million Baht and can be categorized based on program structure into 7 aspects, namely, general administration (32.07%), public cleaning and orderliness (18.10%), public works and traffic system (16.60%), drainage and sewerage and waste water treatment (9.70%), social development and services (8.14%), public health (9%), and education (6.39%).

The BMA will expend all of the budget to drive and move forwards the works according to development strategy of the BMA as well as to solve major and pressing problems for Bangkok’s people with concrete results and practical achievements.


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