On 24 Febuary 2020, Mr. Paitoon Khampharat, Chairman of the Extraordinary Committee study the facts and laws used in the administration of the Rattanakosin Island area and the continuation areas. Leads the relevant departments consisting of Office of the Bureau of Environment, Office of Urban Planning and Development, Drainage Office, Municipal Office, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, Civil Office, Phra Nakhon District Office. Fieldwork to the area to study and monitor the solution of garbage dumping and discharge waste water into the Khlong Lod, Rajbophit Temple at the Khlong Lod, Ratchabophit Temple, Phra Nakhon District.

The Extraordinary Committee studied the facts and laws used in the management the inner area of Rattanakosin Island and continuous areas. Have brought related departments going to the inner area of Rattanakosin Island and continuous areas. To campaigning for people living on the waterfront, entrepreneurs, tourists and citizens do not garbage dumping and not releasing waste water into the water source. Let the community realize the importance and join as a major force in maintaining water resources. Currently, the area of Bangkok has a canal, aqueduct, irrigation ditch a total of 1,889 places. By the Drainage Office responsible for 213 places. The District Offices responsible for 1,676 places. In the past, the related agencies have conducted the development of the canal cleaning area adjust the landscape around the canal area to be tidy clean and beautiful. To increase drainage efficiency this is to prevent, solve flood problems and maintain water sources in the Bangkok area continuously.

Mr. Paitoon reveal that the fieldwork of this extraordinary committee is a continuous operation. In the past, the Extraordinary Committee and related agencies have conducted field work in the area of the Chao Phraya River including the main canal which connects to the Chao Phraya River such as the Thonburi area from the Phra Buddha Yod Fa Bridge to the Kanlayanamit Temple, the Bangkok area from the floodgate at Pak Khlong Talad pass Rajini School to finish at Tha Chang area, from Tha Chang area pass Tha Maharaj area to the Tha Prachan area. Arun Ratchawararam Temple area, Tha Tian Area, Khlong Lod Thepthidaram Temple, Khlong Lod Ratchabophit Temple. Which today is to visit the area of Khlong Lod, Ratchabophit Temple. Which is another canal that connects with the original moat canal. To invite people to preserve the landscape by the canal to be clear, clean, beautiful and without garbage. Including requesting cooperation do not litter and waste water into water sources and requesting cooperation to install a grease trap before releasing. And comply with the Cleanliness and Orderliness Act of the country 1992. In present, has received great cooperation, clear water, without garbage, beautiful landscape is part of promoting Rattanakosin Island tourism as well. However, this campaign is a starting point to demonstrate cooperation from various agencies and citizens it’s a shared expression of responsibility in preserving the Chao Phraya River. Which is the main water transportation route of Bangkok in the past and present and is like the aorta of the central region in the field of travel and way of life. In addition, the Chao Phraya River is also an important cultural attraction. Combined with the present many tourists use the Chao Phraya River as the main route to reach many other water attractions. The BMA therefore invites the public and all regions together to support the return of the Chao Phraya River clean, bright and natural. To help support the Chao Phraya River as a “World-class cultural heritage”. In order for the World Monuments Fund (WMF) Declared the Chao Phraya River to be 1 of the 28 historic rivers which is a cultural heritage site for further conservation.


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