On 8th July 2020, Mr. Nirunde Praditkul, Chairman of Bangkok Metropolitan Council, chaired the sitting of Bangkok Metropolitan Council (BMC).

Mr. Chyavoot Siriyutwattana, Member of Bangkok Metropolitan Council, reported the study result and suggestions of Ad Hoc Committee on the Study of Preventive Guidelines and Solutions for Air Pollution and Dust Control in Bangkok Area. For example, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) should have plan and control measure for burning that causes pollution and increasing of green areas should become the core plan for solving problem of air pollution. Furthermore, increasing of vertical greenery on high buildings, reduction of diesel vehicles procurement, the use of electric vehicle, campaign for the people to use mass transportation and water transportation should also be promoted.  Moreover, working from home and staggered working hours schemes should be encouraged during the time when the PM2.5 condition is continuing to be higher than the standard.

Mr. Chyavoot added that the Ad Hoc Committee is of the opinion that the solutions should be divided into 3 periods. Firstly, short-term period is when the dust crisis occurred. The BMA as the area owner must play crucial role in making public relations campaign and creating public awareness so that the public recognize the dust problem and its hazards. Dust particle counters and monitoring devices must be placed at various areas and the public must be warned to avoid risk areas.  Moreover, real time dust monitoring must be reported continuously.

Secondly, in middle term, the BMA should consider the use of clean energy and reduction of fossil fuel energy consumption. Lastly, in long term, public awareness must be raised to acknowledge the impact of the problem. The BMA and government agencies should formulate stringent policy with innovation and exploration of alternative energy as well as creation of more green areas.


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