Mr. Vallop Suwandee, Chairman of Advisors to Governor of Bangkok, as the advisor of the BMA’s Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (BMA-CCSA), chaired the meeting of the BMA-CCSA.

The meeting assigned all district offices to survey construction worker camps in their responsible areas, especially the camp that has alien labors, so that the BMA Health Department would then be contacted to conduct active case finding to detect COVID-19 infected persons. Moreover, district offices were also directed to make a survey of call center companies or companies that have their own call center departments located in each district in order to give them instruction on how to act in compliance with the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, for example, improvement of ventilation system, practice of social/physical distancing between employees/staff, and wearing of sanitary face mask while working. The reason behind this is that construction workers living in construction campsites and employees/staff working at call center companies become major clusters of COVID-19 outbreak.

The meeting also discussed the infectious waste problem, especially the used face mask waste that gradually increases in numbers over a period of time, because of the increasing number of patients and infected persons as well as those who need to be in isolation. In April 2021, the number of infectious waste was 15.41 tons. In May 2021, during May 1 – 12, 2021, the total number of infectious waste reached 21.85 tons. Therefore, all district offices were requested to publicize information among those who isolate themselves at home to correctly and properly dispose infectious waste and the used face mask waste by separate them from general waste. The district offices were asked to collect and gather these wastes at the points designated by Environment Department. Then, the Environment Department would contact the Krungthep Thanakom Co. Ltd. to collect and destroy the wastes based on the procedures for the disposal of infectious waste to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


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