Mr. Kriangyos Sudlabha, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, chaired the meeting (Video Conference) between executives of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and Chiefs of Revenue Sections from Bangkok district offices, No. 1/2021, hosted by the BMA Finance Department. Objectives of the meeting are to acknowledge the BMA’s policies and methods for legal proceedings. This year, the BMA highlights problems and obstacles as well as approaches to deal with problems in the collection of land, building, and condominium unit tax, and the survey of lands, buildings, and condominium units. Chiefs of Revenue Sections who are the representatives of six district zones of Bangkok joined the discussion on the problems and challenges such as the lack of personnel and problems regarding legal provisions, survey and access to the areas, and connectivity of information among various organizations. The meeting also proposed means to accelerate the revenue collection from building and land tax, local maintenance tax, signboard tax as well as the new land and building tax in order to achieve the goal of the BMA.

At the meeting, it resolved to promote and publicize complete and correct knowledge and understanding on steps and timeframes of overall tax procedures among the general public. In this respect, the Deputy Governor of Bangkok complimented and encouraged personnel of Revenue Sections for their continuing efficient performance.


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