Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, Chaired the BMA Communicable Diseases Committee Meeting, No. 12/2021. The meeting resolved to allow National Health Security Office (NHSO), Ministry of Labour to extend the service of proactive COVID-19 testing point for all insured persons at Kilawet Sport Building 1 of the Bangkok Youth Center (Thai – Japan) in Din Daeng District during May 5 – 31, 2021. To date, the NHSO had provided proactive COVID-19 testing service to the insureds in April and could screen 32,453 people. Among them, 808 people were found infected with COVID-19, accounting for 2.50% of the screened insured persons. The service was provided in compliance with social distancing measure and with the screening of all service users. All people who had tested positive were well taken care of. Therefore, the BMA agreed the extension of the service.

Moreover, in order to cover all target groups, Ministry of Labour is ready to provide proactive COVID-19 testing service for the group of food delivery persons, including all informal workers in the area of Bangkok Metropolis. The service capacity will be increased to 2,000 people per day with the aim to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, the meeting also agreed to provide vaccination service for additional occupational risk groups, namely, teachers and educational personnel in the area of Bangkok Metropolis; public automobile drivers, taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi drivers; officers of Don Mueang International Airport and on-site service units of Metropolitan Electricity Authority; and sweepers of all district offices. It is expected that vaccine recipients will be more than 500,000 people. If the BMA receives additional allocation of COVID-19 vaccines, the vaccination service can be started right away.


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