Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) revealed that there was a report on a new cluster of COVID-19 pandemic found in a factory where pigs were slaughtered in Pathum Thani province. After that, the BMA inspected slaughterhouses under its supervision and no infection was detected. Nevertheless, the BMA had incessantly applied surveillance and preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19 in any business establishments hiring both Thai and alien labors as well as slaughterhouses in Bangkok Metropolitan area. The BMA had continuously conducted active case finding for COVID-19 cases in this cluster. Moreover, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Livestock Office was informed to ask their business operators and alien workers to have health screening and risk assessment via BKK COVID-19 system.

Additionally, the BMA Health Department had sent officers to visit slaughterhouses under the supervision of the BMA to publicize knowledge emphasizing on the compliance with disease preventive measures prescribed by the Government and the BMA, such as handwashing with alcohol and wearing surgical face masks and gloves while working. The people were suggested to eat only cooked food and wash their hands frequently, especially when touching meats or raw food for their own safety and to prevent the contamination of COVID-19.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Market Office has also implemented surveillance measures and preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19 in markets under its supervision. The office provides officers to be stationed at screening points and to make public announcement highlighting D-M-H-T-T measures. Vendors and people who come for services in the markets are requested for their kind cooperation to comply with the measures and to always wear surgical face masks while in the markets. If their body temperature is higher than 37.5 °C, they will be asked to sit and rest for about 5 minutes and check their temperature again. If the body temperature is still over 37.5 °C, they will be advised to seek medical attention immediately. Moreover, everyone must register via ThaiChana platform before entering and leaving the markets and practice physical distancing measure of 1 – 2 meters. In addition, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Market Office also installed publicizing panels at various spots of the markets so that vendors and customers know how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Business operators, vendors, and assistants are informed to clean their stalls and shops daily. All wastes must be collected and disposed at disposal point provided by the market every day. Employees of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Market Office are strongly advised to strictly inspect market under their supervision to be in line with the law on public health and other related laws.


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