Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, had a site visit to inspect the preparedness of the place that will be used as a field hospital to treat COVID-19 patients at Ratchaphiphat Hospital.

The Governor of Bangkok revealed that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) had the field hospitals readied to accommodate the treatment and caring of COVID-19 patients that tend to rise quickly. Initially, the BMA had prepared 4 field hospitals as follows:

  1. Bang Khun Thian Geriatric Hospital in Bang Khun Thian District with a capacity of 500 beds; 2. Ratchaphiphat Hospital in Thawi Watthana district with a capacity of 200 beds; 3. Chaloem Phrakiat 84 Phansa Bang Bon Stadium in Bang Bon district with a capacity of 200 beds, expected to open for service on April 13, 2021; and 4. Bangkok Arena Sports Center in Nong Chok district with a capacity of 350 beds (the place is now under renovation). Furthermore, the BMA will find out additional places that can be converted into the field hospitals in case that the number of patients is increasing.

Regarding the news on a shortage of beds to accommodate COVID-19 patients, the BMA confirms that there are enough beds to accommodate the infected people. If having been coordinated, the BMA is glad to accept the COVID-19 patients for treatment. The BMA has already prepared other places to be additional field hospitals if the Coronavirus cases are soaring, such as Kilawet Sport Building of the Bangkok Youth Center (Thai – Japan) in Din Daeng District. Some of the hotels located in Thon Buri and Phra Nakhon sides of Bangkok have been contacted and coordinated to be converted into field hospitals or ‘hospitel’ to care for mild-symptom coronavirus patients.


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