Mr. Chawin Sirinak, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), talked about the COVID-19 vaccination service for the at-risk groups who worked at entertainment venues in Thong Lor area that the COVID-19 vaccination service provided for the at-risk people at Thong Lor entertainment venues in Vadhana district was one of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and curb the chance of wider outbreak similar to the COVID-19 vaccination service provided for the at-risk groups at markets and surrounding communities of the markets in Bang Khae district. This vaccination service was performed according to the resolution of the Subcommittee on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program Administration of the BMA on April 5, 2021. Moreover, experts and epidemiologists provided information that one of the processes to contain the spread of disease was to give vaccine. It would minimize the chance of getting an infection, or if infected, the COVID-19 vaccine could block serious illness and the symptoms would be mild or less or without symptoms. However, it did not mean that people who already get vaccinated would not get infected. Therefore, the BMA decided to inoculate the people in risk groups with COVID-19 vaccine and implemented other measures simultaneously such as disease investigation, control, isolation, quarantine, sentinel surveillance of risk groups, active case findings in areas where the outbreak was reported, treatment of patients, etc.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary for BMA also added that the BMA had been allocated 196,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines during March to April 2021. In the first phase of vaccine rollout, the goal was to provide vaccination service in 6 risk-areas connecting to Samut Sakhon province where the high number of infections were detected, namely, in Chom Thong District, Bang Khun Thian District, Bang Khae District, Bang Bon District, Phasi Charoen District, and Nong Khaem District. The target groups of vaccination service included frontline medical and healthcare officers both from public and private sectors, officials whose works were related to the control of COVID-19 pandemic and had opportunity to have close contact with patients, people with medical condition, and patients in 7 chronic disease groups. Then, in April, the COVID-19 vaccination service was expanded to public and private medical and healthcare personnel at all hospitals across Bangkok including the patients in 7 chronic disease groups who came for treatment at these hospitals. COVID-19 vaccines had already allocated to 194 hospitals all over Bangkok.


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