Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), talked about the UK variant strain of coronavirus found in entertainment venues which can spread 1.7 times faster than the original strain. In this case, if did not have an illness but was considered a risk group, such as having been at the places where the outbreak was reported, or having been in contact with infected people, please have a COVID-19 screening test immediately. During the situation of COVID-19 pandemic, many people used the BMA’s BKK COVID–19 system to self-assess the risk for infection. Therefore, the BMA Medical Service Department was assigned to detect COVID-19 using RT-PCR test among the people who had self-assessment via BKK COVID–19 system. If people had self-assessed their risk of being infected with COVID-19 virus via BKK COVID-19 system and found at risk of infection, officer of the BMA Health Department would contact them by phone to conduct another risk assessment and confirm having the screening test for COVID-19. They would be informed to visit nearby hospital for service, according to the district zone as follows: 1) Bangkok Metropolitan Administration General Hospital, responsible for the Central Bangkok zone and North Bangkok zone; 2) Charoen Krung Pracharak Hospital, responsible for the South Bangkok zone, North Thon Buri zone, and South Thon Buri zone; and 3) Sirindhorn Hospital, responsible for the East Bangkok zone. Moreover, the BMA requested for kind cooperation from the general public to practice the personal protection measures against COVID-19 (D-M-H-T-T-A) including D – Distancing, to maintain at least 1 meter from other people and avoid close contact with others; M – Mask wearing, to use surgical or fabric face masks at all times; H – frequent Hand washing ; T – Temperature Check; T – Testing for COVID-19; and A – Application, to install and use MorChana and ThaiChana applications at all times while entering or leaving any premises.


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