Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, chaired the meeting for the preparation of flood prevention plans in the year 2021 implemented by the BMA Drainage and Sewerage Department and district offices via Video Conference System using Cisco Webex application.

According to the announcement of the Thai Meteorological Department, Thailand has officially entered rainy season on May 15, 2021. It is projected that, from the middle of May to June, it will rain across 40 – 60% of the area. During the first half of July, amount of rain will decrease. After that, from the middle of July to September, heavy rain and very heavy rain are expected in about 60 – 80% of the area.

Therefore, the BMA has prepared the readiness flood prevention plans in the year 2021. Plans for management of flood water, tidal bore, and rainfall are in place. Regarding the plans to deal with flood water and tidal bore, the BMA has checked leakages at floodwalls and barriers along Chao Phraya River with the length of 78.93 kilometers and 27 points have been repaired. Moreover, the BMA has inspected the readiness of 96 water pumping stations along Chao Phraya River to be ready for operation all the times. Regarding plans to cope with rain situation, the BMA has prepared and checked the readiness of all 4 drainage tunnels, 31 Monkey Cheek water retention areas, and2 Water Banks.

On this occasion, the Governor of Bangkok and his delegation also visited the Flood Prevention System Control Center of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to check weather condition, rain situation in Bangkok Metropolitan area, amount of rainfall, and water level in the main canals. The Governor of Bangkok also encouraged and lifted spirits of officers stationed at the Flood Prevention System Control Center who have been working diligently to help reduce impacts of flooding on people who travel to and from and live in the areas affected by flood problem to have the slightest effect.


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