Mr. Sakoltee Phattiyakul, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, had a site visit to inspect the removal of damaged and abandoned vehicles and the cleaning of areas where the vehicles used to park at Soi Lat Phrao 122 in Wang Thonglang district. This aimed to solve traffic congestion problem, decrease the pathogen sources, reduce obstacles when responding to emergency situations, minimize impacts on environment, and provide safety and security among the people.

The Deputy Governor of Bangkok revealed that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) had implemented the project to remove damaged and abandoned vehicles on the roads or in public areas continuously. In Wang Thonglang district, since March 2021, 29 damaged and abandoned vehicles have so far been found in public roads. 12 vehicles were removed by the owners. Another 17 vehicles are waiting to be towed. Wang Thonglang District Office made an announcement on May 6, 2021 requesting the owners to remove damaged and abandoned vehicles from the public roads within 15 days. However, after the deadline, there is no one remove these vehicles. Today, the Wang Thonglang District Office will remove 9 damaged and abandoned vehicles and the remaining 8 vehicles will be removed next week.

All the damaged and abandoned vehicles will be kept at the BMA central scrap vehicles center at Nong Khaem Refuse Disposal Centre of the Environment Department in Nong Kheam district. The yard can store the total number of 160 damaged and abandoned vehicles.

In the area of Bangkok Metropolis, there were still 13 damaged and abandoned vehicles that need to be towed. The BMA City Law Enforcement Department sets to clear all of them within June 2021.


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