At present, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is developing and rehabilitating the Saen Saep Canal and its branches of more than 100 canals, covering the areas of 21 districts, to become the prototype canals for development of wastewater treatment systems, landscape and environmental improvements on both sides of the canal, and water safety supervision.

 “Facing the Canal” is one of the operational actions to cooperatively rehabilitate the canal conditions, improve the quality of life, as well as restore the economy and community tourism. The BMA, thus, asks for cooperation from all sectors, including the government, private and civic sectors, to participate in the development and improvement of the landscape on both sides of the canals simultaneously in terms of cleanliness, safety and orderliness. This includes Development for providing recreational areas along the canal and scenic points of both sides of the canal. Outcomes of implementation can be extended to create a tourist destination that can build careers and generate income for a better quality of life of the people.

Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), has attached great importance to canal rehabilitation to improve quality of life by under the concept of “Facing the Canal” by having site visits to continuously follow up on the progress of rehabilitation development and improvement of landscape of Saen Saep Canal. In the meantime, the BMA has also launched the campaign for raising awareness and promoting participation of the people and businesses establishments which are located along the Saen Saep Canal and its branch canals to jointly maintain the landscape on both sides of the canal to be clean and beautiful in order to create a good landscape and environment.  The landscape of walkways along Saen Saep Canal that connects and goes through many district areas have been improved to be new check-in poins. For example, check-in point at Khlong Tan – Saen Saep Canal Flower Garden in Suan Luang District has been improved and transformed, from the abandoned area into a public park and outdoor fitness park; check-in point at Saen Saep Canal where the street arts have been displayed and flowering and ornamental plants have been planted along the walkway of the canal; and check-in point at Tanot Canal Community, Minburi District, etc.

Improvements and developments for creating a good landscape and environment of Saen Saep Canal arose from integrated cooperation between the BMA affiliated and other organizations and agencies such as Pollution Control Department, Department of Industrial Works, Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning, as well as the private sectors and the people. The operational actions have been implemented through organizing campaign activities and raising awareness among people and business establishments located along the Saen Saep Canal and its branch canals so that they do not dispose or discharge any waste into the canals and public water sources. Hence, the BMA asks for public cooperation to jointly maintain the landscape along both sides of the canal. Integrated solutions for wastewater problem have been reached through campaign activities to raise public awareness, to provide knowledge and advice on installing grease traps, septic tanks, seepage pits, cesspools and prefabricated wastewater treatment tanks for houses, communities and business establishments in compliance with the laws. As for the business establishments, they are enforced by law to install the standardized wastewater treatment systems.

The developments and improvements of Saen Saep Canal in all aspects would not happen without cooperation from all sectors. Therefore, the Saen Saep Canal development can be regarded as a prototype of integrated collaboration between government, private sectors, and the people in the area for truly sustainable development of the canals in Bangkok. When we develop together, let’s keep them lasting forever.


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