Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), said that the BMA issued an Announcement on Order of Temporary Closure of Premises (No. 32) and disease prevention measures for premises and activities that were granted relaxation of measures and regulations to resume business with the aim to make the prevention of COVID-19 outbreak in Bangkok Metropolitan area become more efficient.

Measures imposed on the BMA public parks and botanic gardens have been relaxed to reopen for service since last June 14, 2021. The BMA public parks open daily during 05.00 – 21.00 hrs. These venues are not allowed for other recreational activities, cycling, or exercises except walking and running. During the walking workout, the public are requested to wear face mask and apply physical distancing of at least 1- 2 meters. In case of running working, the public are requested to also wear face mask but can leave the nose uncovered, apply physical distancing of at least 5 meters, and run in the same direction. In this regard, the BMA will clean all high touch surfaces in the premises as well as all equipment and tools frequently and regularly. All waste will be disposed every day. Handwashing stations with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel or disinfectants within the public parks will be provided adequately in various areas.

Nevertheless, the BMA would like to request kind cooperation from all service users of the BMA public parks to strictly comply with measures to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19 specified by the Government. Everyone must always wear face mask while using services in the public park. The public must refrain from using all types of exercise equipment, playgrounds and fitness area. Having meals in the public parks is not allowed, except beverages. Having conversation or exercising together as a group are also prohibited. All shows, performances, and competitions are banned. Moreover, every service user must pass the screening point to check body temperature before entering the public parks. If the body temperature exceeds the specified temperature range, the person will not be allowed inside the public parks without any exceptions. All foreigners must register in registration book before using service. However, the public parks that provide service of Dog Park are not yet opened for service.


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