The BMA Communicable Diseases Committee convened its meeting No. 18/2021 and approved the relaxation of measures for additional premises and businesses in the area of Bangkok Metropolis starting from June 21, 2021 onwards, as follows:

  1. Public swimming pools or other similar businesses/activities;
  2. Swimming pools for sports or marine activity in ponds can be opened and must be complied with disease prevention measures specified by the Government;
  3. Learning centers, science centers for education, science parks, science and cultural centers, and galleries;
  4. Public libraries, community libraries, private libraries and book houses;
  5. Shops selling food or beverage, consuming food and beverage at these premises is allowed until 23.00 hrs. However, consumption of liquor and alcoholic drinks at these venues is still prohibited. The number of dine-in customers in the air-conditioned restaurants is limited to 50% of the number of regular seats.
  6. Outdoor sport venues or places for exercises or those located in the open or indoor sport venues or places for exercises with good ventilation can be opened for operations until 09.00 p.m. and organize sport competitions without spectators;
  7. Convenience stores and supermarkets can be opened during their regular operating hours;
  8. Organizing activities prone to disease transmission, such as meetings, seminars, distribution of food or things, parties, camping, film or television programme production, religious activities, Dharma practice, and meetings with senior relatives, shall be done with the limit of number of attendees to 50 persons. In case where the number of attendees exceeds 50 persons but no more than 500 persons, organizers shall request for permission from the district office in charge of the area before organizing the said activities. In case where the number of attendees exceeds 500 persons, organizers shall request for permission from the BMA’s Health Department before organizing the said activities, except those operated by Government agencies or ones implemented in the venues designated as quarantine facilities.

In this regard, owners of all businesses and establishments must continue to strictly comply with disease prevention and control measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.


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