Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), revealed after a site visit to inspect online learning and teaching activity at the BMA affiliated schools in Suan Luang District that the BMA had 437 affiliated schools that provide education services starting from the first grade of kindergarten to the sixth grade of secondary school, with 271,402 students and 15,536 teachers and education personnel. Currently, the BMA affiliated schools have implemented “5 ONs” learning and teaching solutions that are consistent with the “New Normal” in education, namely Online, On-Air, On Hand, On-Site, and On School’s LINE. However, Bangkok is in the dark red zone of maximum and strict COVID-19 control; therefore, on-site learning and teaching activity is not allowed and postponed until the situation subsides.

Overall performance of the BMA affiliated schools is relatively successful. Students pay attention to online learning and teaching with the use of various instructional media and textbooks. On Hand method has also provided to allow parents to pick up worksheets or handouts using drive-through service. In this way, parents do not need to get out of the car for everyone’s safety. For parents or students who are not ready in terms of tools and equipment for online learning, the schools have assigned teachers to visit students’ houses and set up small leaning and teaching groups at home. All students will be reached and be able to catch up on their studies without falling behind.

With regard to the management and administration, in the case where online learning and teaching method or alternate-day schedule has been applied, causing the schools to be unable to provide breakfast and lunch for students, the BMA has supported student’s breakfast and lunch costs by paying these expenses to the parents of students in kindergarten to the sixth grade of secondary school at the rate of 40 baht/person/day. The BMA also supports supplementary food (milk) during online learning and teaching arrangement, alternate-day schedule, or official and national holidays. Parents can pick up milk at schools for students to drink at home. Expenses for stationary, textbooks, and educational materials have also been allocated to support students’ learning.

In addition, the BMA has coordinated with relevant organizations so that the BMA teachers, employees, and all related persons who work at the BMA affiliated schools can entirely receive COVID-19 vaccinations in order to create herd immunity and for the safety of everyone.


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