During the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangkok Metropolitan areas, the amount of infectious waste has increased substantially, especially used surgical masks. They come from public health service facilities such as hospitals, public health centers, clinics, health facilities that treat patients infected with the COVID-19, state quarantine facilities and alternative hotels for people who need to self-isolate, field hospitals, hospitels, proactive COVID-19 screening and testing service units, vaccination service centers, and places for self-isolation in various types of residential buildings such as dormitories, apartments, condominiums, houses, etc.

Moreover, there are also the used sanitary face masks from public households which presently found to be incorrectly disposed and mixed with other household wastes or scattered on roadsides or in public places. This creates a risk of pathogen spread.           The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) would like to request for public cooperation to separate and dispose the used sanitary face masks correctly to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and for the convenience in waste collection for the disposal based on sanitation guidelines. The used sanitary face masks must be put in a sealed bag, tie the bag tightly, write or clearly label it “sanitary face masks”, and separate from other wastes before giving to district offices’ garbage collection truck or dispose them in the special waste bin for the used sanitary face masks (orange bins) provided at more than 1,000 public places

to facilitate the disposal of the people, namely at district offices, public health centers, the BMA affiliated hospitals, Bangkok City Hall (Sao Chingcha) and Bangkok City Hall 2 (Din Daeng), the BMA affiliated schools, the BMA’s sport centers, Bangkok Youth Centers, fire stations, public parks, and other public places as deemed appropriate such as markets, temples, communities, in front of department stores, office buildings, housing communities, etc. The used sanitary face masks can also be disposed in the special bins provided at any organizations, business establishments, or accommodations such as condominiums or dormitories.

         If we all help dispose the used sanitary face masks in the right way, it can help prevent and lower the risk of the spread of infectious disease and reduce COVID-19 infections among the BMA’s garbage collectors.


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