Although Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has speeded up COVID-19 active case findings in Bangkok Metropolitan area, there are still infected people who have not yet been tested. If an infected person who does not show symptoms still lives a normal life and has close contact with family members and people in the community, it provides a chance to spread disease to others.

Therefore, in order to prevent and reduce COVID-19 outbreak in communities, the BMA by Health Department, District Offices, and 69 Public Health Centers, together with national security sector, the Security Emergency Operation Center, people sector’s network parties, and the 904 Royal Thai Volunteers have organized the Bangkok Comprehensive COVID-19 Response Team (Bangkok CCRT). The CCRTs visit the targeted communities with severe outbreaks, knocking on the door to proactively conduct COVID-19 active case findings using Antigen Test Kit among the vulnerable groups who, if infected, will have severe symptoms, including the elderly, those with medical conditions in seven disease groups, and pregnant women. This aims to conduct an initial screening of patients, search for high-risk contacts, accelerate separation of the patients from their families and bring them into isolation as quickly as possible to prevent and reduce the spread of infection to others. This will also reduce the public’s movement to active case finding service points, overcrowding, and chance to spread the disease.

If people who have tested positive for COVID-19 are found, health officers will isolate the patients who will then be referred to undergo an RT-PCR test to confirm the results. If they are found to be infected, they will be admitted into treatment process. For people who have tested negative for COVID-19, health officers will provide vaccination services to the elderly aged 60 years or more, women pregnant for 12 weeks or longer, and patients in 7 disease groups and give knowledge on COVID-19 prevention at the same time.

          The prompt isolation of people with active COVID-19 infection is necessary at this time before the disease is transmitted to others. This will mitigate the outbreak situation as quickly as possible. At the same time, all citizens must cooperate and comply with preventive measures by strictly adhering to the D-M-H-T-T-A principle in order to get through this crisis.


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