COVID-19 pandemic has gravely hit the world communities with serious consequences impacting public health, economy and society. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is one of the organization that has been working and exerting its utmost effort in taking care of people living in Bangkok in all aspects to prevent and control the spread of disease, reduce the number of new confirmed cases and deaths, and minimize the impact of COVID-19 on the people as much as possible.

In a bid to control and prevent the outbreak and bring COVID-19 infected persons into care and treatment system, the BMA has been working in collaboration with all sectors, both government and private sectors, covering all aspects in managing COVID-19 infected persons. It started from proactive screening of COVID-19 infected persons which has been accelerated by organizing active case finding units in rotation among all districts. At present, they have been adjusted to become 6 permanent proactive COVID-19 screening units located in the areas of 6 district zones to facilitate convenience for the public starting from August 7, 2021 onwards. In addition, the BMA has set up Bangkok Comprehensive COVID-19 Response Teams (Bangkok CCRTs) to visit communities and search for patients using Antigen Test Kit (ATK). If infected persons are found, they will be brought into care and treatment process, whether it be Home Isolation (HI) system for patients in green group who are ready to stay at home for treatment, provided with 3 meals a day, devices for monitoring patient symptoms, and medicine at the discretion of the physician, or Community Isolation (CI) system in order to separate patients from their families and prevent the spread of disease to household members and community. At present, the BMA has already opened more than 60 community isolation centers covering all areas of Bangkok Metropolis. If any patients develop severe symptoms into yellow or red group, they will be referred to the care and treatment system of field hospitals and main hospitals. The BMA has also built additional Modular ICUs to support more patients.

As for children infected with COVID-19, the BMA has also set up a community isolation center for pediatric patients in the compound of Kiak Kai Happy Center in Dusit District. This aims at isolating children from their families because they are regarded as a group of patients who need special care.  At the same time, COVID-19 vaccination service was provided to the public to contain the spread of disease and make situation return to normal as soon as possible.

          In this regard, the people are requested to take care of themselves and strictly comply with public health measures as well as frequently observe personal symptoms and those of family members. If having history of close contact with COVID-19 infected persons or having high fever above 37.5 °C, dry cough, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath, tiredness, skin rashes such as Livedo Reticularis, Vasculitis, Hives-like rash, and Vesiculobullous Eruption, please visit hospital or active case finding/proactive COVID-19 screening unit to have a test and inform that you have history of being at high risk and having a close contact with infected persons or have been travelled to the outbreak and high-risk areas. Five BMA affiliated hospitals provided RT-PCR test comprises Bangkok Metropolitan Administration General Hospital, King Taksin Memorial Hospital, Ratchaphiphat Hospital, Sirindhorn Hospital, and Charoen Krung Pracharak Hospital or other government and private hospitals in Bangkok Metropolitan area. Any persons who have tested positive and are willing to enter HI system, please contact 1330 Hotline and press 14 or COVID-19 Hotline of all 50 districts by checking the telephone numbers at


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