The current COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow more severe. As a result, at present, a large number of people infected with COVID19 need to have urgent medical treatment, especially those in the yellow and red groups. This has led to insufficient bed availability.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has therefore accelerated the expansion of the main hospitals’ capacity and set up field hospitals to accommodate more patients in yellow and red groups aiming to help patients with severe symptoms to receive more effective treatment. The BMA, together with Siam Cement Public Co., Ltd. (SCG), has brought “Modular ICU” innovation that can be quickly constructed to be used in the construction of additional ICU rooms at the Learning Center of Ratchaphiphat Hospital, Thawi Watthana District, adding more beds to accommodate severely ill patients (red group). The Modular ICU is as effective as ICU in large hospitals. It is fully equipped with medical equipment including ventilators, vital signs monitors, oxygen delivery system, and communication system and has pressure-controlled rooms with both positive and negative pressure systems to limit and reduce the spread of virus out of the buildings.

The BMA plans to construct Modular ICUs to support more patients in red group continuously. Initially, the goal is set to construct 4 buildings, each Modular ICU building can accommodate 10 patient beds. In this regard, the BMA has received cooperation from the medical team of Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital in managing patient care.

                This is a cooperation between the BMA and private sector, both SCG Company and Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital, to fully take care of patients and cope with the COVID-19 crisis in order to improve the situation quickly.


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