Medical personnel and public health workers are important mechanisms for patient care. Whether it is a general illness, an emergency situation, or the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, they always work under risk. Therefore, raising spirit and morale and developing the capacity of medical personnel are essential.

          Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is responsible for providing medical and public health services to people in Bangkok Metropolitan area. Therefore, there is a policy to develop capacity of medical personnel continuously. Quality nursing leaders have been created in order to effectively support the situation of disease in urban areas by developing knowledge and skills and increasing experiences in caring for patients based on public health standards and in accordance with health problems and needs of the people. In addition, they need to keep abreast of the disease and the changing situation in order to take care of both their own health and the people properly.

          Especially during the outbreak situation of COVID-19, nursing leaders must be able to take care of patients through management and integrated implementation with all relevant sectors, linking homes, communities, public health centers and hospitals according to the New Normal standards to ensure everyone’s safety, decrease losses and reduce the number of new infections.


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