The current situation of COVID-19 cases in Bangkok has a tendency to continue rising. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has provided proactive COVID-19 screening and testing service units or COVID-19 testing point offering free tests for the people to actively find COVID-19 cases and send both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients to medical treatment system as fast as possible. This will facilitate public convenience, solve the problem of patients waiting for hospital beds, and rapidly send the patients into medical treatment system which will help prevent the spread of disease.    

 The COVID-19 screening and testing service unit is a mobile unit providing proactive service in collecting specimens for COVID-19 tests. The Biosafety Mobile Units granted by H.M. King have been sent to conduct COVID-19 screening test using nasopharyngeal swab method to people in communities, for the Thai Nationals only and free of charge. This includes people in risk groups and those who have not had any tests previously within 14 days.   

People who wish to have proactive COVID-19 screening and testing (SWAB) must prepare Thai National Identity Card together with a copy and personal pen for registration to avoid cross contamination from using things with other people. It is suggested to have meal or medicines for each person’s medical condition before the test. They must also strictly adhere to the personal protection measures against COVID-19 (D-M-H-T-T-A).  For updated information on the daily services of the proactive COVID-19 screening and testing service units, please visit Facebook Page:


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