Clusters of COVID-19 infections had been firstly detected in areas for specific groups such as markets, construction worker camps, communities, entertainment venues, etc. It has resulted in a rapid spread of disease and an increasing number of newly reported and cumulative COVID-19 cases.

Market is a place where people need to visit and use the service in order to sustain life. Consequently, with the aim to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to provide care for the people, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has specified disease control measures and arranged teams of officers to inspect and evaluate sanitation condition of markets. They will give advice and urge all business operators, vendors, and service users at the markets to strictly and continuously comply with the measures. For example, business operators must improve market’s environment such as good, adequate and proper ventilation inside the market without musty smell; make a record of vendor and employee registration; clean the floor and high touch surfaces frequently and dispose all wastes every day; provide handwashing stations with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer or disinfectants; control all entrances and exits; and provide disease screening points. Moreover, everyone must always wear sanitary or fabric face masks. Physical distancing between the stall, sitting and standing lines, or distancing while selecting goods and at payment area must be at least 1- 2 meters.

As for buying goods, it is recommended to avoid using cash and use e-payment via mobile applications or money transfer instead; avoid entering crowded areas by selecting goods as fast as possible; and use cloth shopping bags or baskets to receive goods in order to avoid touching hands with others. People are suggested to clean their hands with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel or disinfectants after receiving goods and take a bath/shower immediately after arriving home.

Everyone should avoid and restrict traveling to crowded places where ventilation is poor. If it is necessary to visit the mentioned places, people are requested to strictly adhere to the personal protection measures against COVID-19 (D-M-H-T-T-A) to prevent disease transmission and reduce the chances of contracting and spreading the virus to family members.


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