“At present, Erawan Center is another key organization acting as a center for referring COVID-19 patients by integrating work processes with 1668 Hotline of Department of Medical Services and 1330 Hotline of National Health Security Office (NHSO)”  

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, “Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Emergency Medical Service Center (Erawan Center)” is a center for receiving notifications and requests, directing, coordinating, and referring COVID-19 patients. Once COVID-19 cases were reported by1669 Hotline, the BMA Erawan Center will expedite coordination with hospitals to provide beds for patients immediately after receiving notifications/requests. Patients can have medical attention as fast as possible, and receive prompt medical treatment for the safety of patients and their family members. This also helps prevent the spread of disease.

Although daily COVID-19 infections continue to increase, all of the BMA officers and personnel are ready and spare no effort to coordinate and refer all patients by integrating collaboration with various organizations and agencies to pick up and transport COVID-19 patients, no matter where they are in Bangkok. The Erawan Center will do its best to coordinate and transfer all COVID-19 patients to hospitals without delay so that they can receive treatment and care from health care team of doctors and nurses straightaway. The Erawan Center is the main channel of the BMA for providing assistance, coordination, and referral of patients to have medical treatment during this public health crisis. In this regard, the public can report COVID-19 cases at 1669 Hotline for 24 hours.  


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