The current outbreak situation of COVID-19 has resulted in a large number of infected people. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has managed to take care of people under this situation in all aspects. This include setting up a community isolation centers for referral to field hospitals and sending the Bangkok Comprehensive COVID-19 Response Teams (Bangkok CCRTs) to many areas to search for patients in communities using an Antigen Test Kit (ATK) or a test kit used to detect proteins or antigens of the pathogen that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). The test kit can provide a result within 15-30 minutes and help in the initial screening of people infected with COVID-19.  This aims at assessing and screening asymptomatic COVID-19 infected persons (green group) into the system of Home Isolation (HI). If patients are unable to do HI, they will be brought into the system of Community Isolation (CI).

For patients who enter HI system, there will be medical personnel to monitor and assess symptoms twice a day. Food will be provided 3 meals a day as well as digital thermometers and Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. Thai medicinal herb “Fa Thalai Chon” or Favipiravir will be considered giving to patients at the discretion of the physician. If the symptoms worsen, patients will be referred to the hospital for treatment. The BMA officers, local police and volunteers join hands in delivering medicines, food, water, and necessities to HI patients in communities until they are fully healed. For patients who show no symptoms and prefer to enter the HI system, can contact the 1330 hotline and press 14.


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