The number of new COVID-19 confirmed cases has been increasing each day. Government organizations and agencies have tightened preventive measures in order to effectively control the outbreak and prevent against more severe outbreak.  

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has issued an Announcement on Order of Temporary Closure of Premises (No. 39) dated August 2, 2021. Control measures for risky venues, businesses and activities have been adjusted by relaxing regulations for shops selling food or beverage which are located in shopping malls, shopping centers, community malls or other similar establishments to be able to open for operations until 20.00 hrs., for food order via food delivery service only. The general public are not allowed to directly buy food or beverage and pick up takeaway by themselves. It aims to reduce contact between sellers and many consumers. These shops must be operated under conditions, time clause, systematic arrangement and regulations as well as disease prevention measures prescribed by the Government. This shall take effect from now until August 31, 2021.   

For the sale of food and beverage via Food Delivery Service, business operators must apply DMHTemp measures for all staff. Everyone must wear sanitary face mask at all times, refrain from gathering in groups or having meals together, avoid going to crowded places, and avoid close contact with other people while traveling to work. Business operators must arrange staff to deliver food at a designated pick up spot and any services are not allowed at storefront. Anyone having respiratory symptoms/fever or being a close contact, he or she must stop working. As for shopping malls, waiting areas for food must be arranged with an emphasis on social distancing measure and everyone must wear sanitary face mask and refrain from gathering in a group. Waiting area must have good ventilation without overcrowding. DMHTempA system must be in place together with responsible persons who supervise and oversee the measures. As for online food delivery staff, they must adhere to DMH measures, always wear sanitary face masks, apply social distancing, carry alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel, and only wait to receive food at the designated food pick up spot. In case of respiratory symptoms/fever or being a close contact, stop working.   

If all of us help each other, the current situation will be better soon. We need to be cautious and do not let our guard down.


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