The situation of Coronavirus Disease 20219 (COVID19outbreak continues to affect wider areas and the number of patients infected with COVID-19 is increasing. Consequently, in order to increase the capacity of medical treatment as well as to prevent and control the pandemic situation, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has added beds for accommodating non-symptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients (Green Group) and established more hospitels.

Regarding the opening of hospitels, the BMA has worked in cooperation with private hospitals to take care of and observe patients’ symptoms, focusing on receiving Thai patients. As for foreign workers, they will be sent for treatment at other hospitals such as the BMA field hospitals. Previously, the BMA has set up field hospitals to accommodate patients with 2,946 beds and 245 additional beds are being added. Hospitels have been gradually opened with additional 4,424 beds. Altogether, the total is 7,615 beds that will be able to accommodate patients. The BMA aims to increase hospital beds to 10,000 in no time to support green COVID-19 patients in Bangkok area.

Cooperation in patient care are as follows: Two Three Hotel supports 250 beds for Kasemrad Hospital, The Green Hotel supports 1,000 beds for Kasemrad Hospital, Twin Tower Hotel supports 250 beds for Thonburi Hospital, Bazaar Hotel supports 300 beds for Piyavet Hospital, SD Avenue Hotel supports 900 beds for Kasemrad Hospital, IBIS Ramkhamhaeng Hotel supports 500 beds for Kasemrad Hospital, Siam@Siam Hotel supports 300 beds for Thonburi Hospital, Baiyok Hotel supports 400 beds for Thonburi Hospital, Grand Howard Hotel supports 380 beds for Thonburi Hospital, and Training Center of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Training and Development Institute (Nong Chok) supports 144 beds for Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital. It is currently in the process of coordinating with all participating parties. The total number of beds is 4,424. These hospitels will be gradually opened to accommodate patients starting from June 27, 2021.

Not only the increase in number of patient beds and capacity of patient care, but the BMA has also increased the capacity of patient transportation services of 1669 Hotline of the Erawan Center by adding 50 more vehicles to rapidly pick up and transfer COVID-19 patients into hospital’s treatment system with no patient left behind.


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