One of the hazards to be aware of during the rainy season, when there are thunderstorms and gusty winds, is billboards and large trees that may fall and topple over. Therefore, in order to prevent possible damage to lives and properties of the people, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has prepared to prevent any possible dangers that may arise from billboards and large trees. Public Works Department together with district offices in localities will inform billboard owners to check the stability of their billboards and signboards. In case that billboards and signboards become dilapidated or damaged which can potentially cause danger, an order will be issued enforcing the owners to have them fixed or dismantled. If there is any violation, legal action will be taken strictly. Meanwhile, for billboards and signboards that have been constructed or installed for more than one year, the owner must provide an inspector according to the Building Control Act, B.E. 2522 (1979), prepare tools and equipment to prevent and mitigate disasters caused by the billboards and signboards, and publicize among the residents in neighboring areas of the billboards and signboards to know about the dangers that may happen from falling billboards and signboards during the thunderstorms.

          Regarding the caring of large trees, the BMA, by the Environment Department, has cooperated with 50 district offices and other related agencies to survey and inspect the stability of large trees in their areas. If any trees are found to be unstable and prone to fall or topple over, corrective actions must be rapidly taken, namely pruning and trimming branches that are at risk of falling and tearing, thinning, clearing or reducing tree height, and supporting the large trees using stakes to stay strong and stable according to technical principles. All these aimed at preventing any dangers that may happen to the lives and properties of the people. For the trees planted in private areas, the BMA has coordinated with the land owners to inspect and keep things in a safe condition. If the tree is found at risk of falling, the owners can request for tree cutting and digging services at Public Cleansing and Public Park Section of all 50 district offices. Service charge will be collected according to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Ordinance on Service Charge B.E. 2543 (2000). At the same time, tools, equipment, vehicles and staff are in place and ready to work immediately. In case that trees in public places were broken off or toppled over and obstructing the traffic, the BMA will coordinate with other organizations and agencies in the area to jointly solve the problem to increase the safety of people’s lives and properties.  


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